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02 May 2007

The Stanley Pry Bar

Ode to The Pry Bar

The time has come to set a date
To pry, and pull, and mutilate.
I pick up my tool and go to work
Wherever old trim and wood may lurk.
Together we will conquer all,
And laugh as the the dust will fall.
When the dust clears at last we will see
A room that will be rebuilt by me.
A clean clear pallet expunged from old,
A new room ready for all to behold.

It may not be shiny, not worth a lot.
But it is the hardest working tool I've bought.
That is right folks, I love my pry bar. In every home improvement project there are two parts, demolition and construction. This little $10 tool will take care of every bit of demolition you may need to do. It is absolutely worth the money. I had to buy my wife one of her own because she was always taking mine. That is why the Pry Bar is one of my favorite tools.
Next up: Finishing the closet.

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