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10 April 2007

Price Analysis for New Shower

There are two reasons that I like to do things myself. The first reason is that I am cheap. The second reason is that to be quite honest, I don't like paying what contractors charge, which translates into I am cheap. I also like to get my supplies at the lowest prices possible. Below is a spreadsheet detailing what I spent in the remodeling of my shower. I came in under $700 which I think is pretty commendable.

The shower pan along with most of the other supplies came from Lowes. Things are a little more expensive there but I am paying for convenience. The whole body jet set I got from Ebay through a company called Senry. I am an engineer involved in the distribution of solenoid valves so I have a little insight into the quality of these types of products. I can honestly tell you the casting and parts used in these Senry faucets are extremely high quality. They use better materials than your standard Moen or Kohler faucets. Hey I like to save money, but I don't cut corners. You can find their products at http://www.senry.com.

The rainfall shower head came from Overstock.com. Trust me when I say that it also is heavy duty, works well, and for $20 you can't go wrong.

The tile was from home depot. I caught a pallet of wall tile being taken out of inventory and liquidated at $0.88/ea. It matched the tone I was going for so I grabbed them right there on the spot. You can be flexible and still come out with what you want, so hunt for the deals. I had a mosaic picked out that cost $14.00/ft. I ended up going cheaper with another one that was $4.00/ft. It saved me $90. Again I got the same look, but knocked almost $100 off my budget.

I will review some of these products again periodically just to give you a good idea of how they are holding up but for now, on to the next project.

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mail said...

I have to disagree with your view on Senry. I purchased a Kitchen faucet. My initial impression was positive...the company noted a color mismatch between the faucet and soap dispenser and clarified the order. As a result they started with and excess of goowill. I purchased the Senry to replace a Price Pfister that had leaking side sprayer issues. My first issue with the product was that the cold water line had a bad solder joint where the copper connected to the brass. I was annoyed, but was able to remove the line, and resolder the fittings. rnrnI reinstalled the faucet. No leak...terrific. Then I tried it out only to discover that;rnrn1. The sprayer does not fully stop the flow of water from the faucet resulting in poor sprayer performance. Worse yet the sprayer does not shut all the way off, resulting in a steady drip after you replace the sprayer in its holder until the water pressure goes down.I notified the company and they suggested that the faucet was installed incorrectly. I doublechecked and the faucet was installed correctly. After a couple days the sprayer leak reduced to a slow drip and then increased in volume. rnrnThe solution offered by the company is that I can send it to Canada for repair. The problem with this is that I cannot exactly live in a kitchen with no faucet until they get around to fixing it. Furthermore a faucet with this many problems is worse than the big box faucet I replaced. There is a reason the company has a 7 day refund policy. rnrnMy solution...I bought a price pfister, replaced the Senry and will send it back for repair. I would discourage anyone from buying a Senry faucet.