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12 April 2007

Welcome Wikihow Users

Wow! I have seen an incredible spike in traffic over the past 24 hours. Thank you to everyone coming over from Wikihow. As I write this over 22,000 people have read my featured article on how to tile a shower. Of course, it is a brief article explaining how I completed it. You will want to do a little more research before you attempt a project like this yourself.

I read and learned as much as possible before my shower renovation. Below is a list of a couple resources that I found extremely helpful:

John Bridge's Ceramic Tile Forum
Do it Yourself Tile Page
Home Improvement Tips

If you are like me and you are more of a visual learner than I suggest purchasing the "Tiling Made Easy" videos. They are the best instructional DVDs I have found on the subject. Not only are they concise, well put together, and 0.6% of the cost of having a professional tile your bathroom, but they have a money back guarantee. There is nothing to lose. You can check out a sample of the videos at the folowing URL:

Tile Made Easy Videos

As you can see I do my best to respond to all visitors' questions and comments posted and encourage active participation.

Don't forget to hit the big orange subscribe button on the right there as I will be posting about many more projects in the near future.

Thanks once again for your support,

Clint Miller

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Betty said...

I just wanted to tell you thank you for your article. I too followed the Wiki link. Hubby and I have been hating our bathroom for a while, but thought it would be waaaay too difficult to DIY. Your article made it seem simple enough to where we're going to give it a try...soon...:-)

Your blog has been added to my favorite links. I'll be checking back often. Thanks a bunch!

Clint said...

Thanks Betty. If you gather all the information you can, talk to the pros, go to one of those tiling workshops at Home Depot, it isn't too bad. I would suggest tiling a floor first to get a feel for how it works. Otherwise, if you take it step by step you can get it done. I have seen your photographs, beautiful. Be sure to document your project well.