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15 February 2007

Floor Sanders

Here is a picture of the floor sander we rented after the first pass. It is a Silver Line SL-8 drum sander, constant 1800 RPM with a soft drum to keep it from gouging. I'll tell you this is one sweet machine, and easy to use too. My wife (again all 100 pounds of her) had no problem man-handling this 115 pound beast. Check the link to get the manual and presentation.


1 comment:

Amandazzle said...

We are about to start finishing our floors, and your blog has given us some encouragement. It seems like even the best DIYers never want to do the floors.
We want to stain ours darker, and we are nervous about the old wood filler used by the previous owners to fill cracks. We are not sure that it is stainable or if that even makes a difference. We don't want weird color splotches in the floor.

Keep up the good work.