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23 February 2007

Mastic taking Longer Than Expected

Well, here I am smack in the middle of DIY Bathroom Remodeling Project that is going nowhere fast. Now I know as an engineer that when we design a product and spend all the time testing it, working with it, writing recommendations about how to use it, and then simplifying it down into directions for consumers that it is pretty dumb when they don't listen. I should have listened. Now I have a whole floor full of tiles that I have been waiting on for a week to set up. A quick analysis of what happened:

  • The tiles are too large to use mastic (12x12)
  • The room is too cold for them to set up quickly(62 F)
  • There is too much humidity (70%)

The last few days I have cranked the heat up in the bathroom and the tiles are finally setting up. I should be ready to grout this weekend. Then it is a matter of slapping some paint on the walls, crown and base moldings, changing out an overhead light, and reinstalling the fixtures.

I wish that I had a little more time to work on the bathroom. I would like to put in wainscoting and a full glass shower door but that will have to wait. Unfortunatley, I have to get a dishwasher in before the baby comes (2 weeks but could be any time now). That will be the next not so do it yourself project.

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