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27 February 2007

Master Bath Remodel Update

This weekend was a busy one for the master bathroom renovation. The mastic finally set up after blasting the heat for the entire week. My wife and I were then able to start grouting the floor. Trust me; you can do a tile job. For anyone who thinks that it is a complicated DIY project listen to this. My wife is 9 months pregnant, and grouting away while I take pictures. It is not hard folks.

We let the grout set for 24 hours and then on Sunday I sealed the shower tile and sanded and painted the walls. I picked up a gallon of paint from Benjamin Moore’s down the street. I have to say, I usually use cheap paint and I think I am finished with that. High quality paint makes a hell of a difference. I was able to put two coats on and then start the baseboard trim all in one day. I would have finished the trim if it hadn’t been for that problem that I have with measuring. Oh well, looks like a stop by the hardware store on the way home is in order for today.

Next Steps:

Reinstall the Sink
Finish the Trim
Second Coat of Sealant on the shower
Paint the Ceiling
Put up Crown Molding.

Some of these steps will have to wait. I will get the sink in and the shower in working condition but then I have to turn to another more pressing project. With the baby on the way and no way to sanitize bottles, I have to get the dishwasher in this week. It was delivered yesterday and is sitting in the middle of my kitchen. I am starting to feel the pressure.

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Tim @ Construction Deal.com said...

Yeah, I've been on the "quality" paint bandwagon for a while now. It really can make a difference.

One tip - if you're ever painting a lot (I mean 3 or more gallons of paint) make sure you mix all your paint into one large bucket. That way, if there are any color differences, they'll blend together and it will all match.